2013_REGAlthough the CandE Awards is a competition, it exists to enable any company to benchmark and improve their candidate experience. Any corporation that is interested in enhancing the candidate experience they provide, regardless of sophistication, will benefit from participating in the benchmark process. The data submitted is treated confidentially and only the names of winning organizations will be released to the public. Companies that participated in the 2013 Awards received access to data that benchmarked their candidate experience against the aggregate of 64 winners.

The philosophy of the CandE Awards is to recognize all corporations that meet the standard of candidate experience excellence in 2014 with a Candidate Experience Award. Winners then receive the right to display the 2014 Candidate Experience stamp on their marketing collateral. In addition, a subset of participants will be eligible for the CandE Awards “With Distinction” honor and have their stories included in the 2014 Candidate Experience white paper research.


About the Talent Board

The Talent Board.org is a non-profit organization with 501(c)3 certification. The mission of the Talent Board is to facilitate the evolution of the employment candidate experience principally through the annual production of The Candidate Experience Awards. The Talent Board is funded by donations and sponsorships. MORE about the Talent Board.