The Talent is a non-profit organization with 501(c)3 certification. The mission of the Talent Board is to facilitate the evolution of the employment candidate experience principally through the annual production of The Candidate Experience Awards. The Talent Board is funded by donations and sponsorships.

The Candidate Experience Awards is the brain child of Chris Forman, the CEO of Startwire. In November 2010, Chris approached Talent Function’s CEO, Elaine Orler, with the idea to create an annual award that spotlights those companies delivering outstanding candidate experiences. The passion of those genesis conversations sparked an alliance with kindred collaborators: Gerry Crispin (CareerXroads); and Ed Newman (then the Accidental Entrepreneur, now with iMomentous). Early on, the group determined that for the award to actualize, The Talent Board should be formed as a non-profit entity. And so, The Talent Board was formed to produce The Candidate Experience Awards.

During 2012 the project expanded to the United Kingdom, and in 2015 we will have further expansion into Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) as well to Asia Pacific (APAC).

The following contributors are donating their time, money, and passion to The Candidate Experience

“I’m an engineer. Engineers work with long complex formulas, always trying to simplify them by taking as many elements as possible and making them equal 0. Then they work on solving for the remainder. For hundreds of years, recruiters, without thinking about it have taken candidates out of the hiring equation the same way. The Candidate is the last stakeholder in the recruiting process whose experience must be valued in order to move our profession forward.”

Gerry Crispin
Board Member
Principal & Chief Navigator at CareerXroads

“Given my profession as a recruiting consultant, my friends, and friends-of-friends, and friends-of-friends-of-friends, are always sharing their job-seeker experiences with me. I end up shaking my head way too often. And I can also say that it is not just about how employers behave, candidates play a big part in creating a positive candidate experience. The Talent Board project is a passion for me. It is a vehicle to highlight companies that are setting an example of good business practice.”

Elaine Orler
Chairman, Board Member
CEO, Talent Function

“Most recruiting organizations that I have worked with are forced, by virtue of their resources, to work to the limits of their capacity. Frankly, they don’t have time to make candidate experience a top priority. If candidate experience is going to improve, then it has to come from those investing in the recruiting function. The C suite needs to understand the business implication of bad candidate experience. The Talent Board is a vehicle to promote that understanding.”

Ed Newman
Board Member
Vice President, iMomentous