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What Does An Advanced Talent Acquisition Function Looks Like

By Rob McIntosh on Intelligentta

I get asked this question a lot. Historically I have provided my TA Executive friends a summation of what I have found as the common themes based of the hundreds of conversations I have had with other TA and HR Leaders.

I thought it was time to share public POV.

An interesting note, while I know a handful of companies that are on this total journey themselves, I have yet to find a TA function that has, or is, doing all of these. In my career, I have had these on my strategic radar in one-way shape or form, but never managed to execute all of them at once. Don’t worry as you read this list if you’re only doing one of them well. That’s the whole point of what we do for a living trying to reach an optimal state, but with an eyes wide open attitude of you will never reach it, but you can continuously improve.

Like anything in life, committing these to your strategy, executing against them to achieve the final outcome is where the rubber hits the road. Additionally, some of these can not be created by TA alone and require a commitment to the strategy from the whole HR function with executive business buy in and support.

This list is not a prioritized, stack ranked organized list, but a collection of common themes with my POV thrown in for good measure, given my background leading global TA functions.

-Very high Candidate Experience ratings. Be it through the Cande’s or Glassdoor interview scores, what you will find is advanced TA functions a) Understand the importance of an optimal candidate experience to the overall optimal attraction and hiring of talent and b) Are not just talking about the importance, their actually getting shit done. This is another one I should not need to harp on as you can find millions of articles and white papers on line related to this. I am a big fan of HROS and the sharing of case studies so we can all lean from others on the what, how and why. If you want to see some practical examples of advanced candidate TA functions..


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