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Building a Candidate-Focused Recruiting Experience with Integrated Technology

By Kevin Grossman on Reach West

Not long ago, Humana was in aggressive acquisition mode—and I don’t mean mergers. I mean technology. Talent acquisition technology, to be exact.

Two trends were driving these acquisitions, according to Kevin Stakelum, Humana’s Director of Talent Acquisition. Trend 1: the rapid evolution of the technology itself. And Trend 2: Humana’s desire to reach candidates on a newly emerging set of channels, platforms and devices-allowing candidates access to interviews at their convenience.

Stakelum told attendees of a recent Talent Board webinar this acquisition phase is slowing. “We’ll continue to evaluate new technology as it becomes available, but we’re working on leveraging the technology we have in place to deliver a truly candidate-focused experience.”

Redesigning the Application Process

The truth is Humana has done a terrific job of delivering a candidate-focused recruiting experience for quite a while. The company is a multi-year CandE Award Winner and has never rested on its laurels where talent acquisition is concerned. But it has doubled-down on its commitment to being candidate-focused.

For instance, Humana’s ATS administrator recently took a hard look at the company’s online application process and noticed that literally thousands of candidates were dropping out of the later stages of the process, despite the considerable effort they’d put into filling out applications. Humana determined its application process contained too many steps. In addition, candidates had no real options when entering their personal information; it was a laborious manual task from start to finish…


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