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Candidate Experience Award winner Hyland explains how to win over applicants

By Joseph P. Murphy on Shaker Quality of Hire Blog

Talent Board recently teamed up with global software company Hyland for a Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards workshop in Cleveland to discuss the value of the candidate experience. (Workshop summary below video.)

Joseph P. Murphy, Talent Board board member and Shaker executive vice president, provided snapshots of some of the data collected from more than 220,000 candidates as part of the 2016 CandE Award and Benchmark Program and facilitated discussion of how to improve the process for everyone.

“Everyone thinks they’re delivering a great candidate experience,” Murphy proclaimed. “But are you measuring to know for sure?”

Hyland was a North American CandE Award winner in 2015—and again in 2016. Recruiting program manager Courtney Byham and recruiting program team lead Tyson Meikle explained the journey Hyland took to understand and improve the quality of their candidate experience…


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