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Which Comes First: Employment Brand Or Candidate Experience?

which comes first

By Jim D’Amico on ERE

Is a strong employment brand important? Yes, it can be. Is candidate experience important?  Yes, it can be.

For the last several years, at the end of the year, we were showered with predictions for what will be important in TA the following year. For many, many years, these two concepts have been at the top of those lists. That’s good. Many companies have made huge strides forward both in brand and experience. I’m thankful for organizations like The Talent Board putting so much effort into measuring candidate experience, and celebrating it publicly. Having led teams that have won CandEs in the past, I can assure you the process is thorough and takes into account all candidates’ experience, not just the ones who got hired.

This is important, and this is the thrust of my article today, because if you and I sit down to chat in five years, we’re still going to be talking about the importance of brand and experience in TA, and asking, “why doesn’t everyone get that?” Therefore what I intend to do is to give you a road map to improve both, one that is based on common sense, and doesn’t involve a huge financial investment in new technology or tools…

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