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What It’s Like To Apply For A Job Over Text

By Lydia Dishman on Fast Company

The other day I got a text from Clara Banks, suggesting we get to know each other better. She wasn’t looking for a date. Banks is a recruiter at a startup called Barksy. She sent me a link so I could learn more.

Clicking the link took me to a short video that walked me through how Barksy is using a platform called Canvas to text with potential job applicants. The 60-second video showed a young woman getting texts from a recruiter while she was commuting, at a cafe, or at the gym. Their conversation was the basic stuff of initial screening interviews like “tell me about your experience” and gave the candidate an opportunity to ask questions, too. By the end, the recruiter was asking to set up a phone interview.

When I  was done watching the video, Banks texted again: “Can you tell me a little bit more about yourself?” Because I’ve written about the use of artificial intelligence like chatbots in recruiting, I immediately thought I’d try to to see if I was dealing with a real person. I texted back: “I’m allergic to dogs. Can you tell me what your benefits are like?” Banks responded with another link that led to a short synopsis of the company’s benefits package…


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