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Mobile Recruiting

By Rick Maré on JXT Blog

How we look for and explore job opportunities today have changed a lot. Mobility influenced the ways we access and exchange information in hiring to be about relevance, speed, and simplicity. Modern job hunters have a wealth of platforms to advertise their skills and connect with recruiters and potential employers. That’s why your business needs to get a mobile recruiting strategy in place (if not already) to tap into this talent pool.

Expand your reach

Mobile apply is huge. Worklogy showed that 90% of job seekers use a mobile device to job search in the next 12 months, and 78% of candidates apply for their jobs online. From finance to law, hospitality to construction, and across multiple industries, job seekers do nearly everything including job find on their smartphones. A useful reminder – they are not limited by time zones or geographical limitations when it comes to finding their next career move. Talent Board 2016 research cited that 79% of employers now offer mobile apply, a near 20% increase from 2015…


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