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Moments That Matter in the Candidate Experience


By Kathleen O’Brien on exaqueo

Recruiting has fundamentally changed with the rise of the social web and technology. Candidates expect to easily access information about your company through a variety of resources, as well as more personalized communication, interaction and transparency. Candidates scrutinize your company in new ways and make more informed decisions than ever before.

This means you must work smarter to meet your candidates’ needs without knowing when they’re ready to make a decision or influence someone else’s. Today, it’s more important than ever to build a strong employer brand and provide a positive experience for candidates to compete for top talent.  And that means you have to be just as detail-oriented and scrutinize every element of the employment experience. Just like a candidate.

In comes the moment of truth…

Here at exaqueo, we take many employer brand lessons from consumer marketing, coupled with our collective in-house talent acquisition and HR experience. One key element is how we think about the candidate experience: the product of all interactions between an organization and a candidate over the duration of their relationship with you as a candidate.

When evaluating your candidate experience, it’s important to consider two key things..

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