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Podcast with Smashfly: Recruitment Marketing Scorecard for the Fortune 500

Chris Brablc, Director of Product Marketing Smashfly Technologies Discusses Their Deep Dive into How the Fortune 500 Attract Talent

By Peter Clayton on TotalPicture Radio

Here’s some marketing copy from Smashfly’s home page…

“SmashFly’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform and Services empower businesses to hire with purpose by mastering the art and science of attracting the right people through an authentic, employer brand-led strategy.”

“Candidates have choices. We help candidates choose you instead of your competition by marketing your employer brand across every touchpoint – career site, social media, mobile, referrals, recruiting events, recruiting initiatives, email nurture, job marketing and more. We provide the only omni-channel recruitment marketing platform that converts interested people into leads and warm leads into the right applicants, so you can make right-fit hires at the right time.”

Well, I would like to know more, wouldn’t you? Companies focused on finding, engaging, and recruiting top tier talent realize it takes more than ‘post and pray’ to attract the candidates they want. Much more in today’s job market.

Hi this is Peter Clayton. Joining me today for an Innovation Channel podcast on TotalPicture Radio is Chris Brablc Director of Product Marketing at SmashFly Technologies…

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