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What’s the Best Way to Turn Down Applicants?


By Ed Newman on Phenom People

There’s a lot of buzz in the market about how the candidate is just like the consumer.  While there is a lot to be gained by “consumerizing” your candidate experience, there is one fundamental difference between candidate engagement and consumer engagement.

In consumer engagement, we want every customer to buy.  As long as there is supply and the buyer can afford it, anyone can enjoy the benefits of the product or service.  Very few are turned away.

In candidate engagement, we only want the best qualified, and only one person is selected for a given job.  For every candidate who gets the job, there are potentially hundreds who get turned away.

When it comes to talent acquisition, we have to say “no” so often that you would think we would be awesome at it by now.  However, the data suggests otherwise.  According to the 2016 North America Candidate Experience Awards research report, almost half of job seekers surveyed waited to hear back from employers more than two months after initially applying for a position…

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