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One Small Communication Change That Could Help You Land the Job

By Sara McCord on The Muse You know how to ask for a reference . And once your former boss agrees, you can send a one-line “thank you,” then sit back and wait to hear from your potential employer—right? Well, you could—but I’m here to strongly advise against it. Think about it: You know all of your... read more

How to Figure Out What Exactly Makes You a Valuable Hire

By Kat Boogaard on The Muse Emphasize what you bring to the table for employers. It’s job search advice you’ve heard over and over again. But, here’s the thing: Identifying your own skills and special qualities isn’t always that easy. Sure, your previous jobs and passions can help point you in the right direction. However,... read more

How to Make Sure Your Resume Is as Current as Your Skills

By Kelli Smith on The Muse The sun is shining. Birds are singing. Spring is here. In fact, it’s more than here, it’s almost over! And I’m willing to bet you haven’t even started your spring cleaning yet. Want to scrub your floor this weekend? Or clean out that box under your bed? Or, better... read more

Out of 100,000 Interviews, These 7 Candidate Questions Stood Out

By Sjoerd Gehring on The Muse “Do you have any questions for us?” You’ll be asked it in almost any interview. And while you may be tempted to sit back and relax during this portion—while the recruiter’s put in the hot seat—that’s not actually in your best interest. Why? Because this is your final chance to... read more

The Ultimate Guide to Researching a Company Pre-Interview

By Lily Zhang on The Muse You know that weird feeling between excitement and dread that accompanies an invitation to interview? It’s especially strong when you know next to nothing about your potential workplace. But, even if the first time you’ve ever heard of the company you’re interviewing with was the day you sent in... read more