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A Networking Expert on How to Ask People for Career Favors and Get a Yes

By Alyse Kalish on The Muse Can you get me a job at your company, please? Do you know the CEO—and can I talk to her? Want to see my resume? It’s awesome, I swear. These are the things we’d like to say to people when we’re networking, but for obvious reasons can’t. So, the question always... read more

Job Searching? 4 Email Templates That’ll Make Asking for Help So Much Easier

By Kat Boogaard on The Muse When you’re actively looking for a new gig, you already know that it’s smart to lean on your network. After all, the more people you have in your corner, the better. But, here’s the thing: There’s also a little bit of shame that comes along with that approach. Not only... read more

9 Tips That Will Make You the Best Public Speaker Ever

By Lily Herman on The Muse It’s no secret that a large portion of the population absolutely despises talking in front of a crowd. But, unfortunately, public speaking is a big part of being a productive member of the workforce. So, how can you get better at it? We searched the web for some of... read more

Your 5-Step Plan to Getting a Promotion Without Having to Ask for It

By Jim Morris on The Muse Nobody likes having to actually ask for a promotion. Advocating for yourself is a lot harder than speaking up for others. The good news is, if your boss is paying attention and your actions are speaking for themselves, you may not have to ask. You probably already know that doing good... read more

5 Tips For Talking To Recruiters Over The Phone

By Corinne Balisky on PeopleCorner – Powered by PeopleScout Before you get that dream job you’ve been searching for, you may find that it is necessary to talk to a lot of recruiters and interviewers over the phone.  Some applicants can be nervous about speaking with recruiters over the phone, and often, have not stopped to think... read more