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What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Do When You’re Waiting to Hear Back About a Job

By Sara McCord on The Muse You know that you’re capable of being a top-tier applicant (that’s why you’re here!). You’re the type to take your career ambitions into your own hands—build your network, do your research, rock the interview, and write an awesome thank you note. But then it’s the hiring manager’s turn, and you... read more

The 6 Best Job Search Lessons I Learned After 10 Years Away

By Judy King on The Muse The prospect of returning to work after years away from my career was daunting. I faced a host of challenges: a lack of recent and relevant experience, outdated corporate skills, and uncertainty about my Baby Boomer place in a Millennial-focused world. I still thought, however, based upon my early career success and an... read more

Students – How to Get Hired!

By Catherine Moser on PeopleCorner – Powered by PeopleScout I have had the privilege of working with college students for most of my career either in a university career services or recruiting capacity.  While I have had tons of fun, I have also learned many things that are typical questions of every student each year.  Here, I... read more

How to Quantify Your Resume Bullets (When You Don’t Work With Numbers)

By Lily Zhang on The Muse You’ve likely heard the advice to add numbers to your resume bullets. It helps recruiters really picture the impact you’ve made in your position, and it frankly just sounds more impressive. See for yourself: Which person would you hire? Person 1: Duties included taking field measurements and maintaining records, setting up... read more

Three tips to Prevent Stressing out Before the Interview

By Polly Sheeley on PeopleCorner – Powered by PeopleScout I get it. Interviews can be stressful. Uncomfortable. Maybe even painful. Most of us don’t tend to look forward to them. Like a lot of things in life, we know we probably need to experience interviews at one point or another, but we wish we didn’t. Before... read more

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