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The Top 11 Candidate Experience Articles for 2017 (with Sugar Cookies)

It’s that time of the year again. The time when top 10 articles of the year are posted everywhere across the worldwide inter-webs. Well, we’re posting the top 11 articles shared on the Talent Board Candidate Experience Awards website during 2017. Articles chock full of recruiting and candidate experience vitamins and minerals. And sugar cookies.... read more

Recruitment analytics: How you can use data to adjust your hiring process

By Anna Peters on College Recruiter For so long, recruiters have trusted our guts to make hiring decisions (myself included). However, it is hard to ignore the value that big data, and recruitment analytics, bring to talent acquisition. I checked in with Kevin Grossman, President of The Talent Board, the nonprofit that oversees the Candidate Experience... read more

5 Keys to Building a Powerful Candidate Experience

By Frank Gullo on LinkedIn “The last best experience that anyone has anywhere becomes the minimum expectation for the experiences they want everywhere.” You’ll often hear this at marketing and employee experience conferences, and though it’s unclear who said it first, what is certain is that experience matters, and when it comes to technology, it’s... read more

HR and Talent Technology: The Journey to Automation

By WilsonHCG Executives within HR and those focused on the talent function are striving to rise above the fray of tactical responsibilities and gain their “seat” at the executive table in driving core business strategy. As a talent leader, technology is empowering your voice – not only by taking on much of the human burden associated with planning,... read more

Tracking Down the Online Candidate Experience

By Kevin Grossman In 2016, 47 percent of job applicants reported that they hadn’t heard back from employers more than two to three-plus months after submitting applications. This figure rose to 52 percent in 2017, according to the latest data from the North American Candidate Experience benchmark research. Although many employers agree they don’t want... read more