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Going to LinkedIn Talent Connect Is Awesome. Coming a Day Early for the CandEs Is Awesomer.

  By Kevin Grossman on LinkedIn Nashville: a very cool place I’ve always wanted to go, being foundational to all the music I love to listen to, especially rock music. And I must admit, country music now pulls on my heartstrings more than ever because of my roots growing up in Central California. Beyond being... read more

The Keys to Creating Happy Candidates and Boosting Referrals

By Kevin Grossman on Reach West There’s a lot of chatter these days about hiring the right talent at the right time. The sad fact is many employers never bother to define who the “right talent” is. They simply go about the business of filling job requisitions with people who have the obligatory skill sets.... read more

The Talent Blueprint: Unite Your Talent Ecosystem

By WilsonHCG Aligning all phases of talent strategy to achieve competitive advantage and business results.  Talent acquisition and management is an ecosystem, an interconnected community of always shifting parts and pieces – from pre-candidate experiences and pipeline building, brand ambassadorship and employment branding, to learning and development and strategic workforce planning. For your organization to thrive,... read more

A Procurement View of Hiring

By Jim Fox on LinkedIn I was feeling kind of “out there” applying Procurement/Supply-Chain principles to the hiring process for my August 29th Dog Days of Summer Webinar. The focus came to me after hearing people question the benefit of looking at job candidate experience as a customer experience. Luckily, I needed only return to Page... read more

Building a Candidate-Focused Recruiting Experience with Integrated Technology

By Kevin Grossman on Reach West Not long ago, Humana was in aggressive acquisition mode—and I don’t mean mergers. I mean technology. Talent acquisition technology, to be exact. Two trends were driving these acquisitions, according to Kevin Stakelum, Humana’s Director of Talent Acquisition. Trend 1: the rapid evolution of the technology itself. And Trend 2:... read more