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Candidates’ Perception of Unfairness in the Recruiting Process

By Maury Hanigan on Recruiting Trends Every year, hundreds of millions of applications are submitted for jobs, and the overwhelming majority of them are rejected. The reaction of individuals who aren’t selected can range from indifference to rage. Thanks to new tools now available that can correlate candidate dissatisfaction to bottom-line results, employers are becoming... read more

How Do You Measure Candidate Experience? Webinar Series

Join us as 2016 CandE Winner companies talk about best practices in this new 30-minute webinar series. Click below to register for these upcoming webinars. How Your CandE Recruiting Data Helps You Deliver the Best Candidate Experience – Apr 20, 2017 1:00 PM ET Leveraging Technology to Continuously Improve your Candidate Experience – Apr 27, 2017 1:00 PM ET Back to... read more

Employment Branding Cheat Sheet: A Business Imperative

By WilsonHCG ..Lastly, remember that your customers can often become your candidates – and vice-versa. Therefore the impact of your strategy isn’t lost on anyone: 75% Of candidates conduct their own research during the job search, a trend that’s held steady for the past few years. Talent Board 2016 CandE Research Data Company career sites... read more

Upcoming Talent Board Workshops: Getting Hands-On with Candidate Experience

By Ed Newman on Phenom People For those who may not know, Talent Board was founded in 2010 to highlight companies with outstanding candidate experiences through the global Candidate Experience Awards and Benchmark Programs. The Benchmark Program enables companies to better understand the current state of their candidate experience through survey research, allowing them to... read more

Hiring Right the First Time: The Science of Luck

By Joe Murphy on Shaker: Quality of Hire Blog As you slide down the banister of life, May the splinters never point the wrong way. —Irish blessing Recruiting can seem like a game of chance. You hope the right candidates see your job posting, pray the information they provide is truthful and accurate, and keep... read more