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Why Scheduling Interviews Doesn’t Have to Derail Higher Education Hiring

By Josh Tolan on Spark Hire Scheduling interviews is naturally invasive to our schedules. Add 70 to 80 applicants, plus interviewers’ schedules to align, and you have a major disruption to workflow. Every year, the University of Wisconsin Law School (UW Law) ran into this exact issue.  With only 10 to 15 open positions, the high... read more

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Candidate Experience

By John Hollon on RecruitingDaily Want to know what is critically important for every recruiter and hiring manager? It’s remembering what it’s like to be on the other side of the table. Yes, everyone who recruits or hires should have to be a job candidate sometime. The candidate experience has been on my mind because I have... read more

How to Build a Candidate Experience that Connects

By Roy Maurer on SHRM Employers can build trust with job seekers and candidates by designing a hiring process that maximizes authentic human connection, Paul D’Arcy told attendees at Indeed Interactive 2017, a conference for recruiting professionals held by Indeed, the world’s largest job search engine. D’Arcy cited research showing the three events that most... read more

The learning is the winning: The data behind your candidate experience is its own reward

By Joseph P. Murphy on Shaker Quality of Hire Blog At a recent Candidate Experience (CandE) Workshop, participant Julie Walker of Pillar Technology had a bit of an epiphany.  Evidence-based process improvement relies on data to identify, prioritize, and take action on how to do better. Participating in the CandE Awards program collects the data... read more

Candidate Experience Award winner Hyland explains how to win over applicants

By Joseph P. Murphy on Shaker Quality of Hire Blog Talent Board recently teamed up with global software company Hyland for a Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards workshop in Cleveland to discuss the value of the candidate experience. (Workshop summary below video.) Joseph P. Murphy, Talent Board board member and Shaker executive vice president, provided snapshots... read more