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Employers, Don’t Squander All That Advocate Love!

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s a buyer’s market out there—and I’m not referring to the stock market. I’m talking about the job market. According to recent figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently more open jobs (6.7 million) than there are unemployed job seekers (6.1 million). That means the competition for... read more

How Would YOU Describe Candidate Experience & Why is It Important?

By Ushma Mistry on Undercover Recruiter From what point does it matter what a future employee thinks of your company? Once you’ve recruited them? Or maybe after they’ve been with your company for a few months? Well, according to our new panel of experts on candidate experience, it actually begins way before all of that.... read more

Register Today for the Dog Days of Summer with #TheCandEs Webinar Series

Register today for these Dog Days of Summer with #TheCandEs webinars!   Surprising Ways to Improve Candidate Experience Without Impacting the TA Budget – Thursday, August 9th at 1:00 pm ET How to Turn the Candidate Experience into an Employer Branding Strategy – Thursday, August 16th at 1:00 pm ET Hiring 100,000 – Tuesday, August... read more

Six secrets of competitive recruiting best practices

By Diann Daniel on SearchHRSoftware The recruiting process can serve to invite great candidates in — or it can turn them away. Knowledgeable and respectful recruiters send a very different message about the value a company places on its employees than do ill-equipped recruiters or a process that makes candidates jump through hoops and strings... read more

Survale CEO Talks About Candidate Experience Blind Spots at CandE Workshop

By Ian Alexander on Survale Survale CEO, Jason Moreau, was talking candidate experience blind spots recently at a Talent Board Candidate Experience workshop in Chicago. The message was clear: If you think your periodic candidate experience surveys are giving you insight into your candidate satisfaction, you’re most certainly wrong. Moreau points out that huge blind spots... read more

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