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Another Social Recruiting Reality Check

By Kevin W. Grossman, TAS, HCS on LinkedIn Do your organization’s recruitment marketing and social recruiting strategies deliver the best candidate experience? The latest Talent Board North American candidate experience research report can help you determine the answer. It was as if the very social recruiting waters parted for employers, HR professionals and recruiters last June when LinkedIn... read more

Which Comes First: Employment Brand Or Candidate Experience?

By Jim D’Amico on ERE Is a strong employment brand important? Yes, it can be. Is candidate experience important?  Yes, it can be. For the last several years, at the end of the year, we were showered with predictions for what will be important in TA the following year. For many, many years, these two concepts have... read more

Podcast with Smashfly: Recruitment Marketing Scorecard for the Fortune 500

Chris Brablc, Director of Product Marketing Smashfly Technologies Discusses Their Deep Dive into How the Fortune 500 Attract Talent By Peter Clayton on TotalPicture Radio Here’s some marketing copy from Smashfly’s home page… “SmashFly’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform and Services empower businesses to hire with purpose by mastering the art and science of attracting the... read more

Exactly What You Do While You Wait To Hear Back About A Job

by Lydia Dishman on Fast Company …”Just checking in on what the results on this test run were. Even if it’s negative, just would like an update,” he wrote. Waites added another line emphasizing something they’d specifically discussed in their meeting, then signed off. The next day, the hiring manager replied with an apology for... read more

Moments That Matter in the Candidate Experience

By Kathleen O’Brien on exaqueo Recruiting has fundamentally changed with the rise of the social web and technology. Candidates expect to easily access information about your company through a variety of resources, as well as more personalized communication, interaction and transparency. Candidates scrutinize your company in new ways and make more informed decisions than ever... read more