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The Single Point of Failure in Your Candidate Experience #TheCandEs

By Tim Sackett on The Tim Sackett Project The Talent Board (founders of the CandE Awards for the employers with the best candidate experience) recently released their 2016 Talent Board North American Candidate Experience Awards Research Report. This report is well written, packed with exceptional data, and one that I look forward to reading each year.... read more

Talent Board Research Illustrates the Importance of Candidate Experience

by Debbie Lamb on Sterling Talent Solutions Think back to your most recent hiring experience. What were the things that you remembered most? Did you have a positive or negative experience? There has been a greater focus on the candidate experience in the past year and it will only grow as more people share their... read more

This Report Will Convince You Candidate Experience Matters

By China Gorman on TLNT Well, it’s that time of year. All kinds of new research reports are being published – the kinds of reports that we collect and never seem to have enough time to read. We’ve all got them on our hard drives. But here’s one you’ll download and read. Multiple times. The... read more

Taking on Candidate Experience and Video: This week in Employer Branding

By Crystal Miller on LinkedIn Have you heard the news? Last week, Talent Board released its 2016 North American Candidate Experience Research Report. With over 400 downloads in the last 4 days, the interest in improving recruiting processes that impact the candidate journey is undeniable. And why shouldn’t it be of interest? There’s significant data which shows... read more

Talent Board’s 2016 North American Candidate Experience Research Report Is Now Available

It’s that time of year when the Talent Board releases its signature talent acquisition research into the best practices, platforms and processes that enable companies to provide an amazing recruiting experience to their job candidates. Download the full 2016 Talent Board North American CandE Research Report now! We’re so excited because our benchmark research set... read more