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The Golden Rule of Talent Acquisition and Candidate Experience

By Kevin Grossman on Reach West “Approach talent acquisition as you do every important relationship—with compassion, transparency and open communication—and treat candidates the way you’d want your mother treated if she were interviewing.” That’s West Monroe Partners’ Golden Rule of talent acquisition, which Adela Schoolderman shared with attendees of a recent Talent Board webinar. Schoolderman... read more

Why do some new hires thrive and others barely survive? Culture fit!

By Joseph P. Murphy on Shaker Quality of Hire Blog Hyland, creator of OnBase and a multi-year winner of the Candidate Experience Awards, has made a commitment to identifying culture fit in their selection process. They recently hosted a Candidate Experience Workshop to share insights into how they have used Candidate Experience Research Report data... read more

Mobile Recruiting

By Rick Maré on JXT Blog How we look for and explore job opportunities today have changed a lot. Mobility influenced the ways we access and exchange information in hiring to be about relevance, speed, and simplicity. Modern job hunters have a wealth of platforms to advertise their skills and connect with recruiters and potential... read more

Robots vs. Recruiters: AI and the Future of Talent Acquisition

By Kim Benedict on LinkedIn As technology advances, many in our industry wonder whether or not artificial intelligence (AI) will replace recruiters or, at the very least, how it will impact what we do and how we do it. Is the death of the recruiter finally here?  Our sold out and much anticipated #NextGenTA MeetUp... read more

What It’s Like To Apply For A Job Over Text

By Lydia Dishman on Fast Company The other day I got a text from Clara Banks, suggesting we get to know each other better. She wasn’t looking for a date. Banks is a recruiter at a startup called Barksy. She sent me a link so I could learn more. Clicking the link took me... read more