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Predictive Assessments Give Companies Insight into Candidates’ Potential

By Dave Zielinski on SHRM The popularity of pre-hire assessments is growing among companies that want more predictive accuracy in their hiring processes. The best of these tests go beyond screening past experience or education to measuring a candidate’s aptitude, fit or potential in scientifically validated and reliable ways, adding more rigor to hiring decisions.... read more

5 Data-backed Insights That Will Improve Your Candidate Experience

By Maxwell Huppert on LinkedIn Talent Blog 41% of applicants who have terrible candidate experiences (rating them one out of five stars) say they’ll take their loyalty and money elsewhere. But for candidates with five-star experiences, 64% say they’ll definitely increase their relationship with the employer—even if they didn’t end up getting the job. As illuminating... read more

Candidate Experience in 2018: Addressing Recruiting’s #1 Challenge

By Jon-Mark Sabel on HireVue Your best hires of 2018 are already employed at other companies. Why? The US unemployment rate is 4.1%, almost a full percentage point below the “healthy” unemployment rate of 5%. “Healthy” unemployment indicates fluidity in the job market; that workers feel comfortable leaving their current job to take a chance... read more

Rewatch the 2018 New Year CandE Strategy Webinar Series

  Rewatch the New Year CandE Strategy Webinar Series! Click below on the webinar to rewatch. Creating an Intentional Candidate Experience : Be Who You Say You Are Recruiting and Hiring Considerations for Non-Traditional Students and Graduates Measuring the ROI of Talent Attraction Moments that Matter: Your Candidate Experience (CX) + Employer Brand (EB) Navigating... read more

The Top 11 Candidate Experience Articles for 2017 (with Sugar Cookies)

It’s that time of the year again. The time when top 10 articles of the year are posted everywhere across the worldwide inter-webs. Well, we’re posting the top 11 articles shared on the Talent Board Candidate Experience Awards website during 2017. Articles chock full of recruiting and candidate experience vitamins and minerals. And sugar cookies.... read more

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