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#WorkTrends Recap: Benefits of Measuring Your Candidate Experience

By Meghan M. Biro on TalentCulture The truth is simple: your candidate experience can make or break your hiring process and potentially impact your business. According to the latest Global Talent Board research, 41% of candidates will take their allegiance, product purchases and brand relationships elsewhere because of it. This directly impacts an organization’s bottom... read more

Candidate Experience: Facts & Data You Can’t Ignore

By Nupur Vilas on SmartRecruiters In this recent Forbes article, Lian Shao, a lecturer at the University of Washington says that companies that don’t focus on improving their candidate experience can “end up harming their employer brand.” Harm their employer brand? No question about it. But the damage can be far more catastrophic. A poor candidate experience hurts... read more

Survale CEO Talks with Talent Board President Kevin Grossman about Candidate Experience

By Jason Moreau on Survale Survale CEO, Jason Moreau took time recently to sit down with Talent Board President Kevin Grossman on Grossman’s CandE’s Shop Talk Podcast. The topic was candidate experience, and it’s a topic both know a few things about. Moreau’s focus was providing great experiences throughout the candidate lifecycle. While many organizations... read more

3 Things the Best Companies Know About Candidate Experience

By Cristina Boehmer on The Muse Candidate experience has always been important, but today, it can truly make or break your business. Why? For one, top talent has a lot of options. So they pay attention to everything about prospective employers, from how easy it is (or not) to apply, to how they’re treated throughout... read more

The Golden Rule of Talent Acquisition and Candidate Experience

By Kevin Grossman on Reach West “Approach talent acquisition as you do every important relationship—with compassion, transparency and open communication—and treat candidates the way you’d want your mother treated if she were interviewing.” That’s West Monroe Partners’ Golden Rule of talent acquisition, which Adela Schoolderman shared with attendees of a recent Talent Board webinar. Schoolderman... read more