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Does Candidate Experience Matter?

By Joseph Murphy on Shaker – Quality of Hire Blog A growing number of companies and industry professionals are engaged in answering the question: Does candidate experience matter? Talent Board, a non-profit organization for which I serve on the board of directors, set out to create useful definitions of factors that comprise the candidate experience.... read more

How HR can improve the candidate experience in recruitment

By Alan R. Earls on TechTarget Everything from your applicant tracking system to how the company welcomes and trains new hires has an effect on job seekers and employees. Here’s why it all matters. The candidate experience — that is, when job seekers experience applying, interviewing and (if hired) starting at the company — can... read more

What’s the Best Way to Turn Down Applicants?

By Ed Newman on Phenom People There’s a lot of buzz in the market about how the candidate is just like the consumer.  While there is a lot to be gained by “consumerizing” your candidate experience, there is one fundamental difference between candidate engagement and consumer engagement. In consumer engagement, we want every customer to... read more

5 Ways Hiring Managers Are Ruining Your Candidate Experience (and What to Do About It) – See more at:

By Elizabeth Silas-Havas on Jibe ..Going into an interview, candidates usually have an idea about the types of questions that will be asked. They perceive the interview to be fair when the questions asked align with their expectations, which are based on the job description (and sometimes on online reviews of your company’s interview process... read more

3 Ways To Drive Job Seekers Crazy!

By Ed Newman on Phenom People If you have not been out job searching lately, chances are you may not be aware of some of the things that are driving candidates crazy.  I happen to have four adult millennial children, and get the great pleasure of observing them in their early career exploration.  And let me... read more