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What Companies With a Great Candidate Experience Do That Others Don’t

By John Hollon on RecruitingDaily The longer I write about recruiting and hiring, the more I believe that the candidate experience needs to be at the heart of how every organization recruits and hires people. And the longer I write about recruiting and hiring, the more clearly I see that is not the case. This... read more

The 2017 Talent Board Candidate Experience Benchmark Research: What Recruiting Technologies Employers Are Investing in for 2018 and Beyond

Although most candidates could care less about the technologies companies have in place to empower their candidate journey from before they apply to being hired on, when the tech doesn’t work right, negative candidate resentment can certainly increase. Having the right technologies in place combined with sound recruiting processes and savvy talent acquisition professionals can... read more

Why Companies Should Care About Job Seekers They Never Even Plan To Hire

By Georgene Huang on Forbes Most people I know don’t enjoy the job search process, not just because their financial livelihood and career are at stake, but also because they have to sell themselves to strangers and inevitably deal with judgment and rejection along the way. Possibly the only thing worse than being turned down... read more

9 Key Takeaways from the Just-Released Candidate Experience Research Report

By Jon-Mark Sabel on HireVue Every year the Talent Board surveys more than 180,000 candidates applying to roles at 200 companies. The resulting research report is the most comprehensive annual study of candidate experience. Let’s dig into what’s improving, what’s moving in the wrong direction, and other important trends that came out of the report.... read more

The 2017 Talent Board Candidate Experience Benchmark Research: Most Valuable Research Channels

Today, the candidate experience begins during talent attraction and sourcing, before question #1 on any application is ever filled out. Attracting candidates is one area of talent acquisition that has been overlooked in the past; yet, it is arguably the most important since it prepares organizations for current talent needs as well as future talent... read more

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