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Tracking Down the Online Candidate Experience

By Kevin Grossman In 2016, 47 percent of job applicants reported that they hadn’t heard back from employers more than two to three-plus months after submitting applications. This figure rose to 52 percent in 2017, according to the latest data from the North American Candidate Experience benchmark research. Although many employers agree they don’t want... read more

Fix Talent Acquisition Mistakes to Avoid Bad Candidate Experiences

By Anna Peter on College Recruiter Talent acquisition professionals, how do you know if you’re providing a positive candidate experience? Ask your candidates. It sounds like a punchline to a joke, but in seriousness, the experience you give to candidates reveals a lot about who you are. Disengage, and you shrink the pool you have... read more

When It Comes to Job Interviews, Employers Are Doing It Wrong

By Michelle Rafter on Talent Economy Normally I avoid “You’re doing it wrong” stories that chastise people for failing to cut fruit a certain way or follow specific steps to being more productive. But when it comes to hiring, I’m making an exception. Despite near record unemployment and constant competition for top talent, the methods... read more

CandE Awards: An Interview With Kevin Grossman, Talent Board

By Amy Onorato on ConveyIQ The 2017 Candidate Experience Awards, (or CandE Awards) are here. This annual awards gala, hosted by the Talent Board, a nonprofit research organization dedicated to helping companies improve their candidate experience, honors hiring organizations that have gone above and beyond to provide job seekers with a memorable and engaging hiring journey.... read more

Treat Them Like Customers

Kevin Grossman, who oversees The Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Awards program, explains what it takes to give candidates a positive impression of your company. By Andrew R. McIlvaine on Recruiting Trends What sort of experience do candidates for positions at your company go through? Is it positive, negative — or have you even bothered to... read more