Creating the Perfect Candidate Experience

April 10, 2018
Creating the perfect candidate experience begins with more than just a website. The digital candidate journey is a hive of activity, vibrant with opportunities yet far more complex to manage than a website so we must think differently and see your website as part of a bigger picture. The good news is you may already... read more

Navigating the Future of Talent Acquisition

February 20, 2018
Understanding the latest trends available in the Talent Acquisition space is invaluable for any organization. With so many solutions being offered with regard to engagement, intelligence and agility, it can be hard to keep them all straight. Rewatch this 2018 New Year CandE Strategy Webinar with Elaine Orler, Founder and CEO of Talent Function as... read more

Webinar: Personalizing the Candidate Experience

February 13, 2018
It’s no secret how important the candidate experience is when it comes to not only recruiting but also an organization’s bottom line. The recent reveal that poor candidate experience cost Virgin Media almost $5 billion annually should say it all. But what can be done to truly make a dent in improving the candidate experience?... read more

IHRIM Webinar: The Business Impact of Candidate Experience

March 28, 2018
It’s well­-documented in business today that poor customer service impacts customer retention, referrals and potential new business. Social media has given consumers an open forum to share both good and bad product and service experiences to all who will listen. The same has been true for job seekers, and for too long employers were resistant... read more

Roadblocks or Open Arms: What Your HR Technology May Be Saying to Your Candidates

February 21, 2018
HR today uses a plethora of technologies to get their jobs done. Many times, the HR technology stack is by far one of the most layered and complex infrastructures inside an organization. Recruiting alone can make up 3-7 separate, disparate systems and solution providers where one weak link in that process can put your candidate... read more