The Journey to Candidate Experience Success

December 12, 2017
SSM Health, one of the largest healthcare systems in the nation, has implemented simple steps to improve their candidate experience based on gathering candidate feedback and measuring what works and what doesn’t. They’ve also identified the right technology stack to humanize the candidate experience from attracting to hiring and onboarding. A past Talent Board Candidate... read more

Lasting Impressions: Candidate Interview to Offer

December 12, 2017
In our candidate-driven marketplace, the interview, offer and onboarding stages of your hiring process are just as much about the candidate evaluating and engaging you as it is the other way around. How you treat your candidate during these stages determines whether they will accept the offer, remain in your talent pipeline, apply to future... read more

Real world stories of how investing in your candidate experience will deliver ROI

October 31, 2017
Over 70% of candidates are conducting their own research about employers. The candidate experience is more important than ever in order to attract the best candidates and gain more value from your recruiting strategies. Hear a conversation between Jade Bourelle, recruiting industry leader and Talemetry’s CEO, and Talent Board’s Kevin Grossman on October 31 at... read more

The Talent Acquisition Experience Economy: How companies like SSM Health are improving the candidate and recruiter experience

October 18, 2017
Join our presenters, Kevin Grossman, Talent Board President of Global Programs, Madeline Laurano, Co-founder at Aptitude Research Partners and Becki Feldman, System Leader for Talent Management Systems at SSM Health, as they share data on the recruiting experience and discuss ways to create meaningful experiences for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers. Join this webinar to learn how top healthcare organization,... read more

First Impressions: Candidate Attraction to Application

October 17, 2017
Combining a strong yet transparent employer brand with an easy and engaging application experience could give your organization the competitive edge it needs in a tight job market. These first impressions matter, and you can make an instant impact by optimizing the early stages of your recruitment process. Just remember that candidates still can be... read more