How to Start Building a Great Candidate Experience

August 31, 2017
  Improving your application process starts with putting yourself in the candidates’ shoes and walking through the experience yourself. Many times the urge to capture more and more data from candidates has the effect of driving candidates away. Shortening the application process to focus on what is truly necessary is one of the first steps... read more

Technology to Humanize Your Candidate Experience

August 30, 2017
There are a variety of technologies available to enhance each touch point within talent acquisition; critical touch points that your candidates engage with throughout the hiring process. How can you ensure the candidate experience is technologically innovative while remaining engaging and personal? Join Talent Board and WilsonHCG Vice President of Client Solutions, Travis Furlow, for... read more

A Procurement View on Recruitment and How to Be a Great Partner

August 29, 2017
  In Subir Chowdhury’s book The Difference – When Good Enough Isn’t Enough, he tells the story of Susan Bishop who opened an executive search firm, Bishop Partners in 1990 and shortly thereafter was offered an opportunity to work with a client known to be difficult, even abusive. The client did not share critical information,... read more

Cast a Wider Net: Measure Candidate Experience at Every Stage

August 25, 2017
  Most organizations focus on candidate experience for very narrow portions of the candidate lifecycle. This webinar discusses key practices for casting a wider net for candidate experience. This opens the door to huge opportunities for increasing candidate satisfaction and optimizing recruiting across all phases of the candidate lifecycle – and flowing directly into employee... read more

Summertime Sourcing: Lounge in Your New Talent Pool

August 25, 2017
  The September hiring rush is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to plan ahead, fill up your talent pool, and tee up your recruiting campaigns to ensure that your organization is top-of-mind when candidates begin their job search in the Fall. Then, you can just lounge in your talent pool... read more