Sparc Webinar: Igniting Your Candidate Attraction Strategy with Gerry Crispin

August 16, 2016
Is your job advertising helping candidates make a well-informed decision about pursuing your job?  Do they have the information they need to understand if there is a good fit between them and your opportunity?  A good candidate experience begins with transparency and authenticity.  Join Gerry Crispin as he shares insights from the Candidate Experience research... read more

Employers: Fix Your Candidate Experience = Fix Your Recruiting Process

August 31, 2016
A quick glance at the employer reputation websites reveal that candidates are unhappy with the overall interviewing process. This is why companies should audit their candidate experience so they can learn what to improve in recruiting performance and efficiency. Organizations that focus on providing a great candidate experience benefit in many ways. Listen to Talent Board... read more

Employers: How Communicating Company Culture Improves Candidate Experience

August 31, 2016
Much of the data in the 2015 Candidate Experience Research Report indicated that communication and lack of personalization was among one of the top concerns/issues candidates noted. This is a major missed opportunity and one of the ways to improve this while also engaging candidates is to ensure organizations are communicating/sharing their company culture and... read more

Employers: Using CandE Research to Build a Results-Driven Recruiting Budget

August 09, 2016
As Talent Acquisition teams begin to detail their budgets for 2017, it is important to understand which expenditures generate tangible results. Talent Board Candidate Experience Awards data provides solid support for adjusting spending to match candidate behavior rather than relying on historical-based budgeting. We’ll discuss the CandE research results that will help employers direct their... read more

Employers: How to Successfully Use Employer Brand In Social Recruiting

August 04, 2016
When recruiting top talent, there are two major components that should not be overlooked: Employer Brand and Social Media. Based on Talent Board CandE’s data, when a quality Employer Brand is used strategically in social media, candidates notice and often respond positively. Listen to Talent Board VP, Kevin Grossman, as he welcomes Meghan M. Biro, CEO... read more