Employers: Candidates Are Your Recruiting Customers

October 26, 2016
Talent Board research shows that a great candidate experience can have a potential business impact in the form of revenue and referral networks, but the converse of that is true as well. That a poor candidate experience can hurt the bottom line. Making the case that candidates are recruiting’s primary customer put companies on the... read more

Employers: Embrace Your Talent Acquisition Technology

October 19, 2016
Creating a great candidate experience is not only about having a sound recruiting strategy and tested processes, it also means making the most of your talent acquisition technologies. Join Talent Board VP, Kevin Grossman, as he welcomes Tony Lioi, Manager of Temp Labor & Talent Acquisition Operations at BASF Corporation, and a multi-year CandE Award... read more

Employers: Video Is a Big Differentiator in Recruiting Today

October 17, 2016
Video can be a big differentiator in recruiting today and Delta Air Lines has reaped the benefits of various video technologies. Their recruitment initiatives have set them apart from other companies with the use of cutting-edge video interview technology and sharing videos that offer candidates tips for the interview. Join Talent Board VP, Kevin Grossman,... read more

6 Best Practices for Achieving ROI on your Candidate Experience Strategy

October 27, 2016
Presented By: Kimberly Pope, Gerry Crispin | Webcast Aired: September 27, 2016   Creating, implementing, and improving your candidate experience strategy is critical to not only your employer brand, but your business as a whole. We have identified six key best practices that can ensure your organization achieves ROI with your candidate experience strategy. Join... read more

IntraWorlds Webinar: Abandoning the ‘Silent Treatment’ for a Better Candidate Experience

September 07, 2016
Our 60-minute webinar will cover global research insights on how to improve the candidate experience by abandoning the “silent treatment” trend. Candidates are aware and prepared for the fact that hundreds of people are applying for one position and the likelihood of being selected for the roll is unknown, however what they aren’t prepared for is the deafening... read more