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Webinar: Personalizing the Candidate Experience

It’s no secret how important the candidate experience is when it comes to not only recruiting but also an organization’s bottom line. The recent reveal that poor candidate experience cost Virgin Media almost $5 billion annually should say it all. But what can be done to truly make a dent in improving the candidate experience?

Look no further than Vanguard for your answer. Vanguard’s recruitment marketing team is paving the way when it comes to personalizing the candidate experience.

Join our webinar on February 13 at 2pm EST to learn how you can use personalization to enhance the candidate experience. Specifically, our experts will discuss…

  • How to create unique career pages for each of your candidates
  • Why having one on one conversations with candidates attracts better candidates
  • How to be ALWAYS ON
  • The future of personalization and candidate experience

Join Shelley Fisher from Vanguard, Kevin Grossman from the Talent Board, Symphony Talent and Brazen to learn how you can enhance your candidate experience through personalization.