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10 Reasons Why You Should Participate in the 2019 Talent Board CandE Benchmark Research Program

Every year we work with hundreds of amazing employers that really want to understand what their recruiting process strengths and weaknesses are, and how their candidate experience impacts their business and their brand.

And yet, every year we hear from employers that say they’re just not ready to start measuring their candidate experience, for fear of asking their job candidates directly what they think, what they might end up finding out, and that they’re not ready to make changes to their recruiting process and improve their candidate experience.

Or, there are those that have participated in our Talent Board CandE Benchmark Research Program and then decide to skip a year because they feel that they haven’t made significant changes to make an impact.

However, because there are changes that impact your business every year (changes on your leadership team, changes on your recruiting team, economic changes that impact your industry), understanding where and how your recruiting process and candidate experience impacts your business and brand every single year, as well as receiving benchmarks on how your company compares to other companies big and small across industries, are invaluable in an always competitive talent landscape.

Here are 10 reasons why your company should participate in the Talent Board CandE Benchmark Research Program this year:

  1. Learn what your candidates want from your recruiting and hiring experience.
  2. Identify strengths and weaknesses in your recruiting process and your candidate Experience.
  3. Build the business case to develop improvement strategies based on the candidate feedback data you receive.
  4. Track year-over-year changes and the return on investment on improvement initiatives you’ve implemented.
  5. Benchmark against other organizations and gain valuable insights on your competitiveness in today’s tight labor market.
  6. Connect with peers and see other recruiting practices and candidate experience initiatives in practice.
  7. Understand that, for consumer-based companies, candidates are either customers or they’re potential customers and their candidate experience impacts their purchasing decisions.
  8. Understand that, for all B2C and B2B companies, candidates are potential referrals and their candidate experience impacts their referral decisions.
  9. A very small investment overall…
  10. For a very big return!

There’s still plenty of time to benchmark your candidate experience anywhere in the world with Talent Board.

Register today!