10 Ways to Rebuild HR to Support Fast Growth and Happy Employees

By Yuri Kruman on, written on July 21st, 2020

The pandemic has taught entrepreneurs many harsh lessons, but chief among them is, “if you don’t take care of your employees, they won’t take care of your .”

It pains me to say, but as an Interim CHRO and HR Consultant, I’ve seen businesses go on life support or die within weeks after being caught unprepared. Likewise, I’ve seen others rise to the occasion and survive, even thrive, despite an unprecedented challenge to budgets and revenue and customer bases, not to mention mental health.

In every single case, the company’s commitment (or lack thereof) to its humans and empowering its HR was the X factor.

What a difference, six months can make. No one could have predicted the impact of the pandemic to force remote , overnight digital transformation and smiles at the end of Zooms. But everyone still in business now understands that managing and empowering employees effectively from a virtual distance is a different ballgame.

And like it or not, whatever your thoughts about Human Resources, it’s front-and-center in the fight for survival and planning for future growth. It’s time for culture and strategy to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together, or else.

In our Brave New World, Thou Shalt Not Treat HR as but a cost center or talent backwater, or perish.

Now that the old, office-centered HR playbook is obsolete, what must fast-growth companies do to empower their HR departments and employees to do their life’s best work and increase productivity and profitability?

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