4 Communication Mistakes Companies Make When Interviewing

by Andre Lavoie on

It’s common for job candidates to be anxious during the interview process. The pressure of having the perfect resume and giving the best answer to each question can get to even the most confident job seeker. But maybe employers should be getting nervous as well.

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In 2015, LinkedIn surveyed more than 20,000 employees worldwide. When it came to the interview process, 83 percent said a negative experience could change their mind about working for a company.

If they want to attract top talent, then, employers and hiring managers need to pay special attention to how effective their communication skills are during the hiring process. Here are four mistakes to avoid while interviewing job candidates:

1. Creating incomplete job descriptions

For many job seekers, a job description is the first form of communication they receive from a company. If what’s posted on a job board is vague, inaccurate or incomplete, talent may be less inclined to apply for the position.

In many cases, these job descriptions simply lack important information. In a 2014 Talent Board survey of 180 different organizations, only 57 percent of these companies included “day in the life” descriptions; 49 percent gave examples of available career paths; and just 33 percent provided profiles of what a successful candidate would look like.

When writing up a job description, provide answers to any questions job seekers might have. A list of general duties and responsibilities isn’t enough. Create a complete picture of what the position and the company is like by describing the company culture, its current employees, the company’s direction and the type of future a candidate may have with the company. Here at ClearCompany, we use the objectives that…

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