Candidate Experience Audits Are Core to Recruiting

By Roy Maurer on SHRM

When was the last time you applied for one of your own jobs?

Candidate-experience auditing helps employers design the optimal candidate journey through the hiring process—from initial attraction and application to onboarding—and identify and correct the problem areas that could lead to bad word-of-mouth, experts said.

Employers should assess each stage of the process from the point of view of the job seeker, with the aim of improving those touch points to leave a positive impression.

According to 2016 research from Talent Board, a nonprofit organization focused on promoting quality candidate experience, candidates share their positive recruiting experiences with their inner circles over 81 percent of the time, and they share their negative experiences 66 percent of the time.

Fifty-one percent of candidates also share their positive experiences via social media, while 34 percent share their negative experiences.

“There’s an absolute business impact between candidate experience and the bottom line,” said Ed Newman, vice president of strategy for Phenom People, a talent relationship marketing software company based in Horsham, Pa. He explained that a positive experience will likely result in a lift for the organization through referrals, reputation and customer allegiance.  Negative experiences can impact the employment brand and revenue for consumer-based businesses, and also lessen the ability to attract sought-after talent…


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