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Candidate Experience: Why It’s Worth the Worry

Q & A with Talent Board President, Kevin Grossman

Candidate experience is always a hot topic across hiring teams. We’re constantly hearing things like, “Does candidate experience matter?” or “Why should we care?” We hear excuses such as, “We’re too busy to follow up,” and “We don’t have the staff to reply to every candidate after an interview.” But the truth is, finding top talent is tough, and one bad Glassdoor or Facebook review could scare away your next great employee. It’s always worth the worry (and the time) to ensure your candidates have a good experience. Even if a candidate is not the right fit today, they may be a future fit, or she might direct you to the right person now, or they might be a perfect fit at your next career stop, and you’ll want to reach back out. The old adage, “Don’t burn your bridges,” certainly holds true in the world of recruiting and candidate experience.

We sat down with candidate experience expert, Kevin Grossman, to get his opinion on how we can improve our candidate experience, making their time spent with your company a positive encounter, whether or not they get the job. Kevin has spent the last four years of his career helping employers understand the business impact of their candidate experience. He is the President of Talent Board, a global non-profit dedicated to the elevation and promotion of quality candidate experience and the governing body of the Candidate Experience Awards (The CandEs).


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