Celebrating 10 Years of CandE-Winning Companies

Check out the below video & article from Kevin Grossman of Talent Board on celebrating 10 years of CandE-winning companies at our Candidate Experience Awards Virtual Conference! The 2020 CandE Award winners have been announced as well, check it out below:

By Kevin Grossman of Talent Board, written on September 25th, 2020

Talent Board and the Candidate Experience Awards (CandEs) has been carrying out its mission of elevating and promoting a quality candidate experience for a full decade now, a milestone we never could have achieved without the dedication and support of HR and recruiting leaders and their teams, employers big and small across industries around the world, generous sponsors and partners, and of course, the CandE winners – companies that have the highest candidate sentiment ratings in our annual benchmark research.

Together we’ve built a CandE community that is undeniably helping to improve the quality of candidate experiences across the world. It’s never been more critical than during this year of COVID-19, economic devastation, social inequality and racial injustice.

And now that we have nearly 10 years of CandE benchmark research under our belt, it’s the perfect time to salute all the past CandE Award-winning companies—particularly those who’ve won the most awards to date. The names of these exemplary companies appear below and here on our website. (The 2020 CandE Award winners have just been announced as well! Check out the list of winners here). 

Winning a CandE Award means that an organization has improved their recruiting and hiring processes enough to ensure a higher level of positive candidate sentiment and perceived level of fairness. Participating companies are evaluated through two rounds of multi-dimensional surveys: 1) a company’s recruiting team is surveyed about their recruitment processes and practices, and 2) a random sampling of each company’s candidates are surveyed about their recruiting experiences from pre-application to onboarding (if hired). It’s important to note that companies need to target no more than 20% of hired candidates in the survey process, so it’s not like they can rely on only happy new hires for their evaluations. In 2019, only 10% of the total global candidate responses were from those who were hired.

The survey data are run through a statistical analysis and an algorithm that produces final CandE scores, which are then stack ranked to determine each year’s winners. There are also minimum qualifications and standards that companies have to meet. You can read complete details about our scoring and methodology in our 2019 research report. The 2020 research reports will be out by the end of the year.

Bottom line – if you win a CandE, you’ve earned it – and your candidates are the better for it.

CandE Winners with the Most Wins

As I mentioned, we want to give special attention to companies who’ve won the most CandEs since the program was launched, an achievement that speaks volumes about their commitment not only to improving the candidate experience but to sustaining it over time. That’s the ultimate sign of their commitment to a gold CandE standard.

An impressive number of companies have won CandEs, so I’ll call out just some of the top winners in each region here:

  • North American Winners
    • AT&T—7 CandEs
    • Colorado Springs Utilities—7 CandEs
    • Humana—7 CandEs
    • Lockheed Martin—7 CandEs
    • Deloitte LLP—6 CandEs
    • JetBlue Airways—6 CandEs
    • T-Mobile—6 CandEs
  • EMEA Winners
    • Intel—8 CandEs
    • ON Inhouse Consulting GmbH—6 CandEs
    • Accenture—5 CandEs
    • Sapient—4 CandEs
  • APAC Winners
    • Intel—5 CandEs
    • GE—3 CandEs
    • Jacobs—3 CandEs
    • Johnson & Johnson—3 CandEs
    • Virtusa Corporation—3 CandEs

Congratulations to all of our winners over the years, regardless of how many times they’ve won.

Every employer who’s ever earned a CandE is a shining example of how to treat candidates with the empathy and respect they deserve. They’re also showing other companies exactly what it takes to build an employment brand they can be proud of.

And any employer willing to ask their candidates for recruiting experience feedback benchmark their candidate experience are winners as well!

Join us November 18-19 for the 2020 CandE Awards Virtual Conference — our 10th anniversary — where we’ll elevate and celebrate the empathic best we’ve worked hard to be, some pretty amazing speakers and sessions, and the companies around the world who have again raised the bar on improving the candidate experience. 

Be safe and well.

Kevin Grossman, Talent Board President



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