How to Choose Hiring Assessments That Work for You

By Roy Maurer on SHRM

Mental ability tests are the ‘single best predictor of job performance,’ expert says.

Remember the four V’s the next time you’re being pitched by a selection assessment vendor, Whitney Martin told attendees at the recent Society for Human Resource Management 2018 Talent Conference & Exposition.

Martin, the president of ProActive Consulting, an assessment strategy consulting firm in Louisville, Ky., said she’s inundated with calls asking which prehire assessment is the best.

The data support the growing appeal of assessments. According to the Talent Board’s 2016 North American Candidate Experience research report, 82 percent of companies are using some form of pre-employment assessment test.

Martin responds to the question of which test is the best with, “Why are you thinking about using an assessment? What are you really trying to accomplish? ”

Just wanting to make better hires is not a clear enough goal, she said. “Whether you’re trying to impact staff retention, sales volume, early hire failure rate, employee engagement, productivity, theft, absenteeism or drug use in the workplace, there are different assessment instruments designed specifically to measure constructs that can directly impact these, and countless other organizational issues or goals.”

Applying the four V’s will help you understand how best to integrate data from assessment tools that directly correlate with the objectives most important to the business…


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