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What Companies With a Great Candidate Experience Do That Others Don’t

By John Hollon on RecruitingDaily

The longer I write about recruiting and hiring, the more I believe that the candidate experience needs to be at the heart of how every organization recruits and hires people.

And the longer I write about recruiting and hiring, the more clearly I see that is not the case.

This thought popped into my head again this week as I read through the 2017 Talent Board North American Candidate Experience Research report

This is a serious piece of research from theTalent Board. It’s an in-depth look at how job candidates, and the companies and organizations that are looking to hire them, view all aspects of the candidate experience.

And, the North American Candidate Experience 2017 research report is based on a whopping 180,000 surveys of candidates who applied to positions at 200 companies — “most of whom did not get the job.”…

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