Cross the Competitive Finish Line with Your Interview Finalists

Interviewing, we all do it. But with ghosting on the rise, you may need to step up your game. We’ve all been there, you have the perfect candidate, and suddenly they are gone. What went wrong? Talent Board’s over 10 years of benchmark research points to more than a few differentiators year after year. 

For example, virtual interviewing is on the rise. Still, your candidate experience will trend positive when you help your candidate prepare for the interview and communicate with them throughout the entire process. In our 2021 benchmark research, 32% of candidates said they received no preparation before the interview. Candidates want to feel confident about the interview process, even if it is a virtual interview. When they do not get the proper communication and preparation, they feel left in the dark.

The top CandE Winners in 2021, companies that have above average ratings in our benchmark research each year, all provide some level of feedback to their interview candidates, especially their finalists. Unfortunately, 60% of the candidates surveyed in 2021 said they received no feedback after being rejected. Out of the candidates who said they did receive feedback, only 32% said the feedback was useful. 

That said, 54% of the candidates that received feedback reported feeling encouraged to apply again with the same company. Additionally, candidates’ willingness to refer others increases by 24% when specific feedback is offered. Their willingness to increase their relationship with the employer increased by 36%. Providing feedback to finalists can be difficult, but it is worth the effort.

Talking about feedback, 63% of the candidates surveyed in 2021 indicated that they received a rejection email from a “do-not-reply” address. We have to do better. Our research also showed us that only 6% of the candidates received a phone call letting them know they were no longer in the running. Your finalists have invested quite a bit of time at this point, and so have you.  Scheduling a 15-minute phone call to deliver the bad news will leave your candidate feeling more positive about their experience overall. 

And in the end, a positive candidate experience can increase your employer brand and even your bottom line. So, cross the competitive finish line with your interview finalists, especially in today’s candidate market. 

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Christy Andrews, Talent Board Director of Learning

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