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How Would YOU Describe Candidate Experience & Why is It Important?

By Ushma Mistry on Undercover Recruiter

From what point does it matter what a future employee thinks of your company? Once you’ve recruited them? Or maybe after they’ve been with your company for a few months? Well, according to our new panel of experts on candidate experience, it actually begins way before all of that. The clue is in the word ‘Candidate,’ and a company’s reputation starts from the moment they post a job advert. Here our panel of ten experts explain precisely what candidate experience is and why it matters.

Katrina Kibben 

Candidate experience is more than a check box and an application process. It should be an actual experience because it’s the first tangible interaction you have with a potential candidate. People talk a lot about how important first impressions are and just because the experience is digital doesn’t mean the candidate experience should be treated any differently.

Katrina Kibben is the CEO and Principal Consultant at Three Ears Media.

Kevin Grossman 

Candidate experience encompasses every single candidate interaction with an employer – from pre-application to onboarding and beyond. In fact, even once employed, the employee experience is the candidate experience, because we’ll all perpetual candidates at any given time. Those employed have to be constantly re-recruited to be retained. So, all these interactions are important because for the majority of candidates – 99 out of 100 for any given open job for example – don’t get the job, and their experience informs whether or not they’ll apply again or refer other.

Kevin Grossman is President of Global Programs at The Talent Board.


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