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2015-CandE-Report-ThumbnailThe 2015 North American Talent Board Candidate Experience Research Report is here and ready to download!

And although the majority of organizations are investing in better talent acquisition strategies, providing greater opportunities for candidate engagement from pre-application to onboarding, as well as leveraging in world-class technology that supports these strategies, many are unfortunately still falling short. In some cases, they are ignoring the most basic aspect of engaging talent – consistent communication.

In fact, according to now available 2015 CandE research data (U.S. and Canada), only 40% of recruiters are required to respond to candidates at all. As organizations mature in talent acquisition strategies, they must provide more opportunities to communicate with candidates and offer transparency through every stage of the candidate journey.

The Talent Board’s 2015 NAM CandE Research Report not only provides companies with the data and insights they need to understand the candidate experience, but also the action items they need to make it better. This year’s report is divided into three core areas of talent acquisition (Attract, Recruit, and Hire).

Here are the 3 of the top 10 key takeaways from the 2015 report:

  1. Communication with Candidates is Very Weak. Although most companies send an immediate “thank you”, nearly half of candidates never received an indication of the status of the application, or information about why gender, race and ethnicity questions were asked or the option to save their application for a later date.
  2. Most Employers Are Not Making a First Impression with Candidates. Over 50 percent of candidates have some past relationship with an employer. Companies should be thinking about ways to re-engage with talent and to brand themselves in an authentic way.
  3. Employers Do Not Offer Enough Opportunities for Candidates to Showcase Skills, Knowledge and Experience. While over 80 percent of candidates answer general screening questions during the application process, only 50 percent are asked for job specific skills and less than one-third are asked to take assessments.

When you register and download the full 2015 report, you will also give you access to all our past reports (2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014).

So register and download your 2015 NAM CandE Research Report today!

And of course, spread the word on how how improving candidate experience impacts recruiting and the business for the better.

Kevin W. Grossman
Talent Board
VP, NAM Program

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