Experts Weigh in on What’s to Come in 2019

By Neta Yoffe on TMP Worldwide

If you talk to just about anyone who works in talent acquisition, they’ll say that recruiting in today’s market is harder and more challenging than ever before. Between the shifting expectations of job seekers and the increased competition for top talent, companies have been forced to improve and modernize their recruiting strategies.

So how will things evolve (for better or worse) in 2019? We asked some recognized industry experts what they think.

Kevin W. Grossman, President and Board Member, Talent Board

Per our global Talent Board Candidate Experience Awards benchmark research, candidate experiences, employer branding and recruitment marketing will be the top three recruiting initiatives for 2019. Talent acquisition leaders and their teams will accomplish these initiatives by improving their internal processes and efficiencies, followed by implementing new technologies and keeping current staffing. Technology will also continue to be a powerful ally when it comes to communicating and engaging with candidates. Texting is one form of communication that will continue to increase in the talent acquisition space, as well as career site chat bots and candidate recommendation algorithms.


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