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Future Of Work: How Using AI Creates An Enhanced Candidate And Employee Experience

By Jeanne Meister on Forbes

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is penetrating industries from healthcare to advertising, transportation, finance, legal, education, and hospitality. Many of us may have already interacted with a chatbot on platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, or We Chat. Chatbots are defined as an automated, yet personalized, conversation between software and human users.

The hospitality industry makes heavy use of chatbots to create more compelling customer and employee experiences. Consider Marriott’s  Chatbotlr, a chatbot that helps customers make service requests from their smartphones.Chatbotlr provided early knowledge and learning for the development of MC, the Marriott Careers Chatbot, designed to enhance the job candidate experience.

David Rodriguez, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Human Resources Officer at Marriott International, Inc., believes the key to success in using AI in the workplace is for HR to develop deeper and tighter relationships with strategic consumer-focused departments. “At Marriott, we have created not only new HR roles but an entirely new department we call the Brand Talent Team, which is charged with re-imagining our employee experiences to emulate and support our best customer experiences. In fact, Marriott’s new Chief Customer Experience Officer, Adam Malamut, was Marriott’s Chief Talent Officer and worked in HR for 15 years before moving into Customer Experience, a role that reports to Marriott’s Executive Vice President and Global Chief Commercial Officer….


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