Here’s why you are not participating in the Talent Board CandE Awards; and reasons why you should reconsider

By Stan Rolfe on ATC Events & Media

One of the most popular Talent topics that I came across during my travels to different Talent Acquisition and technology conferences last year was candidate experience. Whether in Europe, United States, New Zealand or Australia, candidate experience would rank amongst the top 3 focus areas.

Therefore it seemed timely that the Talent Board recently announced the 2018 Candidate Experience (CandE) Award winners for APAC and EMEA. Congratulations to these recipients, and to all those who participated in the research.

It was always interesting to speak to organisations about the CandE awards and learn their reasons for participating. But I thought what was even more interesting was the reasons people gave for why they DID NOT participate.

  • “We just know” – many claimed to know they had an issue but didn’t actually have data to prove it. What they had was anecdotal evidence from word of mouth or the odd email, OR
  • Not enough resources to commit to the research, OR
  • Did not have the budget to participate, OR
  • They had other priorities they were focusing on, OR
  • There were concerns around privacy/GDPR.

Sounds familiar? I believe that these organisations are missing out on the perfect opportunity to get a measure of their hiring processes. Need further convincing? Here’s how:

1. Employers can access qualitative and quantitative data throughout the candidate experience journey. This data can then be used to support a business case for whatever it is you need. It could be additional resources, new technology, recruiter training, a small or large business improvement project budget, or a larger marketing budget. You can now focus on where in the process things can be improved. For example, you may have thought the bottleneck was the initial application stage, but now you know it is the offer process creating you more headaches…


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