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How video can help humanize your recruiting

Video can bring your job—and company—to life. Here’s how to add this essential tool to your recruitment strategy.

By Daniel Bortz, Monster contributor

Here’s something you know all too well: To reel in top talent, you need to not just capture their attention—you’ve got to dazzle them. And these days, dazzling means a lot more than just bulleted job descriptions.

One powerful way to do this is by using video to enhance your company’s job postings, employer branding and recruitment efforts.

Video lets recruiters show, as well as tell, which is one way to capture the hearts and minds of top candidates.

“Video content is a part of how we take in information today,” says Meghan M. Biro, founder of TalentCulture, a workplace culture and HR strategy group. “Not having videos just decreases a company’s potential appeal and ability to grab its audience—in this case, potential applicants.”

Consider this: A recent survey from Statista found that 85% of U.S. Internet users watch video across devices, and job seekers are no exception. “Millennials and generation Z job seekers are particularly receptive to videos,” says Kevin Grossman, president of the Talent Board, a non-profit focused on promoting quality candidate experiences…


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