I applied for jobs at 6 mid-large organisations, here’s what I found

By Stan Rolfe on ATC Events & Media

I love writing reviews. I always thought this helps businesses improve their processes and lets my fellow consumers in on what to expect.

So recently, I was applying for jobs at six mid-large Australian organisations and I thought I would share a little more about my application experience.

Here’s what I found:

Company A – Big 4 Accounting Firm

Applied via LinkedIn which led me to Workday their ATS. I had to create a user profile. The application process was pretty quick at about eight minutes.

It looked like they had extensively modified the Workday candidate user experience when it came to the application form.

Parsing accuracy was good.

Since my application on 6 June I have not received any further correspondence. There was no information provided to set expectations around the recruitment process.

Company B – Top tier Mining Company

Applied via SEEK which led me to PageUp ATS. I did not need to create a user profile and the application process was one of the fastest at just over four minutes.

Parsing accuracy was good.

There was no information given in terms of setting expectations around the recruitment process or the timing of the process.

I applied on 15 May and received an unsuccessful notification email on 27 May. Actually, an ok process in terms of timing but missing the setting expectations part…


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