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A few years ago we were reviewing a company’s candidate experience feedback data from our benchmark research program, and I was floored by what I heard. 

“That’s not our data,” the talent acquisition leader replied. 

I took a breath and said, “Yes, it is. These are your candidates’ responses.”

“But these ratings are horrible,” the leader said. 

I took another breath and said, “They’re extremely negative, yes.”

“But our own ratings are much better than this.”

“Are you surveying rejected candidates?”

The leader paused, then said, “Well no, but our ratings are much higher than these. We only survey new hires.”

I went on to remind the leader that in our CandE Benchmark Research Program, we survey mostly rejected candidates with only a smaller percentage of new hires in the mix. The conversation only got more uncomfortable after we dissected the data further, with the leader still arguing this couldn’t be their data. 

Case Study: Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

The above is a rare occurrence, but it does happen. Choosing to survey rejected candidates isn’t easy, especially if you’ve never done it before; you don’t want to know what you don’t know. And even if there’s a general sense of alignment awareness of how a company perceives they’re delivering recruiting and how they think their candidates actually perceive their experiences, there’s always some need for realignment when reviewing candidate feedback data for the first time. 

Take the number one ranked CandE winner in North America this year: Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian. When the Director of Talent Acquisition & Physician Recruitment, Michael Krug, looked at his candidate experience ratings the first time they participated in our benchmark research, he felt like someone had called his baby ugly. 

But then he and his team reviewed what their strengths and weaknesses were, made incremental recruiting process improvements over time, sustained those improvements over time, and what followed were three consecutive CandE Awards. You can check out their 2019 case study here (their most recent case study will be in our 2021 CandE research report coming soon — you can pre-register here).

Take #TheCandEs Pledge

Candidate experience is a vital competitive differentiator in today’s tight labor market and it takes a lot of work to improve it. It takes even more work to sustain any improvements over time. 

We’re sure that many of your organizations are making improvements whether or not you participate in our benchmark research and/or measure your own continuous candidate experience feedback. 

Over the past 10+ years, we’ve identified some clear competitive differentiators that improve the candidate experience that include:

  • Consistently acknowledging initial job-seeker interest and providing definitive closure when no longer pursuing candidates
  • Delivering consistent candidate communication from pre-application to onboarding
  • Asking for candidate feedback and provide feedback more often with rejected candidates as well as new hires
  • Setting better expectations about the recruiting process for candidates from application to offer
  • Being more accountable for the overall recruiting process and resulting candidate experience while measuring it regularly and consistently

 And if you are doing these things at your organization today, why not take #TheCandEs Pledge? 

We invite you to support our mission of promoting, elevating, and sustaining a quality candidate experience. It’s a mission we started over 10 years ago. Since then we’ve worked with over 1,200 companies around the world and we’ve surveyed over 1.25 million candidates.

Tell the world that you provide your job candidates consistent and timely transparency, communications, expectations, feedback, and closure.

Download our pledge banners today and share them socially, internally, and on your career sites. 

And then we hope you participate in our 2022 CandE Benchmark Research Program opening January 26, 2022.


Happy Holidays!

Kevin Grossman, Talent Board President

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