In the Wake of COVID-19, The More Info for Candidates, the Better (for Both of You)

How can recruiting teams facilitate this record numbers of unemployed candidates will be flooding into talent pipelines in the months ahead? One solution is to give candidates exactly what they want: more information. Check out the below video from Kevin and article today!

By Kevin W. Grossman from July 22nd, 2020

Employers everywhere have been forced to slow or halt their hiring plans in response to the coronavirus pandemic. But, as I wrote previously, this doesn’t mean they should stop focusing on the candidate experience. Just the opposite.

After all, record numbers of unemployed candidates will be flooding into talent pipelines in the months ahead, hoping to compete for precious jobs as they become available. Recruiting teams will be overwhelmed by this tidal wave of activity unless companies take action now—and automation alone won’t save the day. Employers also will need some of these inrushing candidates to self-select out of the application process.

The question is – how can recruiting teams facilitate this? One solution is to give candidates exactly what they want: more information.

What Do Candidates Want To Know?

Roughly 40% of candidates want even more information about your company culture, according to our latest research, and nearly one-third want more information on why employees want to work for you and why they stay. Armed with this information, candidates can quickly form a clear impression of your company and whether or not they’re a good fit. The more insights you provide, the easier and faster they can make their decisions, which is good for everyone.

Of course, widespread unemployment and underemployment are scary things. Some people will apply to any and every job out of sheer desperation, regardless of whether or not they’re a fit for the job or the company. There’s nothing you can do about that. But you can reduce applicant numbers among candidates who actually do research before applying to jobs, which is a huge help to your recruiting team.

Since social media and websites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn have become ubiquitous, more and more candidates do in fact research employers before applying for jobs (66% as of our last survey). Making it easy for candidates to research your company pays off big time. Roughly half of all candidates give 4-or 5-star ratings (out of 5 stars) for the information they find on employers during their research. This jumps another 10% among CandE winning companies (those with the highest-rated candidate experiences). Additionally, CandE winners offer details about company culture more often than lower-rated companies. They also share employee testimonials and answer why people want to work for them more frequently.

Get Your Career Sites In Order!

When candidates research your jobs and your company, their go-to source is still your career site. In fact, it’s their first destination over job boards, social media and review sites. This means your career site should be a top priority in managing your employment brand—and it shouldn’t be just a catalog of open jobs. It’s the perfect place to share the critical information noted above: your company culture, employee testimonials, and the specific reasons why employees want to work for you and why they stay with you.

Does your career site share enough information to answer candidates’ basic questions? Does it make clear your company’s values and what day-to-day life is like for your people? Does it help people understand the contributions they’ll be making to the company’s success and its mission? If you don’t convey these details on your careers site, candidates will look for them elsewhere (if you’re lucky).

Also, only one-third of companies have told us they’ve posted on their career sites how COVID-19 has impacted their recruiting and hiring, which is another important employer brand consideration in keeping things real and transparent for your potential job candidates.

Again, all of this information is essential in drawing the right talent to your company. But in the coming weeks and months, as potentially overwhelming numbers of candidates try to make their way into into our pipelines, sharing this information is equally important for helping the wrong talent screen themselves out of our application processes.

In my next post, I’ll focus on the application process and its renewed significance post-COVID-19. As always, you can download our free candidate experience research here, and you can participate in our benchmark research here.

Be safe and well.

—Kevin Grossman, President, Talent Board

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