Join Talent Board at the 2021 CandE Awards Virtual Conference – Sustaining the CandE Continuity

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Each year the Talent Board Candidate Experience Benchmark Research helps organizations identify their recruiting, hiring and candidate experience strengths and weaknesses. Once identified, improvements can then be proposed and implemented.

The hard part is sustaining those improvements year after year to ensure a quality candidate experience is always delivered. Challenges abound and there are things impacting the business all the time — changes on the leadership team, changes on the recruiting team, merger and acquisition activity, launching new products and services, changing priorities, economic downturns — and now pandemics.

Those organizations that are sustaining a quality candidate experience are continuously reviewing and adapting their teams, their processes and their technologies. We’ll call this the CandE Continuity.

Join #TheCandEs virtually November 17-18 (11am-3pm ET each day) to celebrate this continuity and the CandE-winning companies from 2021 and past years. We’ll have two days of great speakers and panel sessions talking about sustaining the CandE Continuity.

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