Your LinkedIn Summary is Your Digital Bio

By Malgorzata Legan on PeopleCorner – Powered by PeopleScout

Recently my sister asked me what needs to be done to get found on LinkedIn. Her question arose after she received email notifications from LinkedIn “You appeared in xx searches this week”. She wanted to know what we as sourcers and recruiters are focused on when looking for desired but passive candidates. What determines our search for “best fits” or “perfect matches”?

Among many questions, one in particular that stood out was, “Do I need a summary on my LinkedIn profile?”

In every industry there are different ways specialists undertake to get their job done. In our case, the objective of sourcers is to partner with recruiters to fill roles. To do so, we focus on meeting confirmed job requirements so that in the end we can fulfill the mutual needs of candidates and hiring managers. As we try to match passive job seekers with available positions, we are creative in terms of finding them. We do not follow the same approach each time when executing searches for a particular job opening, but there is always one thing in common that we look for in candidates’ profiles, and undoubtedly, that is key words

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