Recruiters Identify the Critical Challenges and Common Roadblocks They Face When Working with Hiring Managers

Our new global survey of recruiters and TA professionals—conducted jointly with HR technology company, Phenom—shines a light on key aspects of their working relationship with hiring managers.

For instance, recruiters’ top three challenges when working with hiring managers to fill requisitions are: 1) deciphering “must-haves” skills and qualities versus “nice-to-haves” (46%), 2) slow responses to emails, calls, or other forms of outreach (41%), and 3) ensuring a quality candidate experience (39%).

And the three most common roadblocks to recruiters effective collaboration with hiring managers are: 1) unrealistic expectations (56%), 2) quality of candidates (47%), and 3) poor communication (39%).

These insights are just the tip of the iceberg! The full survey report, which you can download here, contains many more revelations including the key ways recruiters want to improve their working relationships with hiring managers … how well-aligned recruiters and hiring managers are on the sourcing and recruiting process … their most favored communication channels … and much more.

A Stunning Tech Revelation

One of the most surprising insights we gleaned was that significant numbers of recruiters still don’t have access to helpful recruiting technologies at critical points of their recruiting process.

That’s right, nearly half (45%) of our survey’s respondents don’t have software that provides them with real-time feedback from hiring managers about candidates—an essential tool for evaluating candidates quickly in today’s highly competitive talent market. And 38% of recruiters don’t have access to AI-generated insights about candidates, another powerful tool that speeds up the evaluation and dispositioning of candidates.

These are clear disadvantages for any employer who wants to compete effectively for qualified talent these days. Recruiters are under mounting pressure to do their jobs faster, more efficiently, and more cost effectively—all of which is, practically speaking, impossible without the aid of crucial technologies like chatbots, AI-based assessments, video interviewing solutions, and candidate survey systems, among others.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a staunch proponent of maintaining “the human touch” throughout the recruiting process and across the candidate experience. Candidates want to interact with people at key points of their journey. But they also understand what recruiters are up against, and they have no problems interacting with non-intrusive technologies like those mentioned above.

In fact, as a Forbes post notes, recruiting technologies make things easier for both recruiters and applicants. Chatbots, it states, are “great at answering basic questions and providing information … (And) automated tools can source candidates, administer assessments, schedule interviews and provide regular updates to candidates throughout the process. It’s a great way to use AI to reduce effort on both sides of the recruitment equation.” The post also points out how McDonald’s in Canada was the first company to launch “Snapplications,” a virtual hiring event that allowed job seekers to apply for jobs instantly and directly through Snapchat, streamlining what can often be a tedious process for candidates.

Technologies that benefit your TA team as well as your candidates are a no-brainer in my book and well worth consideration. For TA teams seeking integrated solutions, our survey partner offers Phenom Hiring Manager, an AI-powered set of tools that unifies candidate discovery, interview scheduling, video assessments, and evaluation tools into one centralized, intuitive user experience. As our survey data shows, there are still plenty of companies that have yet to take advantage of the benefits that solid recruiting tech delivers.

Again, be sure to download our full survey report for a truly unique window into the critical relationship between recruiters and hiring managers.

Be safe and well.

Kevin Grossman, Talent Board President

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