Recruiters Say Texting Is the #2 Most Helpful Recruiting Technology for High-Volume Hiring

Yes, emails still have their place in recruiting. But the age of texting has clearly arrived.

So say TA teams across the world in a survey conducted recently by Grayscale and Talent Board. We polled 226 recruiters and TA/HR professionals who told us that 64% of their TA teams now use texting to engage and communicate with candidates at various stages of the recruiting process. They also told us that candidate texting platforms are the second most helpful recruiting technology for supporting their high-volume hiring efforts, superseded only ATSs.

Like I said, the age of texting has clearly arrived.

More Insights from our New Report

Our new survey report, The Impact and Benefits of Texting on High-Volume Hiring, shares a host of insights regarding TA teams’ greatest high-volume hiring challenges, how they’ve altered their candidate experiences to improve their hiring results, the technologies that best support hiring at scale, and a whole lot more.

For instance:

  • The top three stages where texting is used most: #1) 35% use it during the Application stage; #2) 31% use it during Sourcing; and #3) 31% use it across the hiring process for candidate communications. Additionally, 13% text candidates at every stage of their recruiting process.
  • The top three benefits of texting: #1) 54% said it improves recruiter response speed; #2) 50% said it improves candidate responsiveness; and #3) 43% said it helps them give candidates the information they want faster.
  • Respondents’ biggest high-volume hiring challenges: 55% said, “Not enough qualified candidates;” 38% said, Candidates ghosting recruiters and hiring managers;” 35% said, “Speed of hiring;” 31% said, New hires quit in the first few weeks;” and 29% said, Candidates’ unrealistic flexible work demands.”

Facilitating High-Volume Hiring

High-volume hiring has its own set of challenges, especially in today’s talent market, where the competition is fierce and qualified candidates are getting more and more scarce. Ad you’d expect, our survey respondents have changed the candidate experiences their organizations are delivering in order to facilitate their high-volume hiring success. Over the past 12 months:

  • 40% made interviews easier to schedule.
  • 35% increased virtual interviews.
  • 34% fast-tracked the hiring of pre-qualified candidates.
  • 32% improved the application process.
  • 24% made work arrangements and schedules more flexible.
  • And 21% implemented texting to speed up communication.

These changes are great news—not just because they help employers successfully win new talent but also because they help to evolve and improve the candidate experience overall. Recruitment texting platforms, for example, enable TA teams to move with levels of speed, responsiveness, and reliability that go beyond other, more traditional candidate communications channels such as email. That’s good for everyone involved—the recruiters, the hiring managers, the candidates, and the employment brands embracing these kinds of changes.

As I mentioned earlier, our full survey report also dives deeper into the specific challenges of hiring at scale and how texting and other recruiting technologies are helping TA teams deal with these challenges. I’ll share some additional findings in my next post. In the meantime, you can download the new Grayscale/Talent Board report here.

Be safe and well.

Kevin W. Grossman, Talent Board President

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