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Recruitment analytics: How you can use data to adjust your hiring process

By Anna Peters on College Recruiter

For so long, recruiters have trusted our guts to make hiring decisions (myself included). However, it is hard to ignore the value that big data, and recruitment analytics, bring to talent acquisition. I checked in with Kevin Grossman, President of The Talent Board, the nonprofit that oversees the Candidate Experience Awards each year. He gives his insight below into how recruiting professionals can and should respond to data in their hiring process.

Grossman will deliver the closing keynote address at the College Recruiting Bootcamp on December 15, 2017. His presentation will address how to scale hiring by including non-traditional students and grads in the hiring process. Following his presentation, Grossman will moderate a panel to continue the conversation. Attendees will include leaders in HR, talent acquisition and university relations. To join us and hear what strategies and tactics you might not have considered yet to attract and retain entry-level talent, register for the bootcamp here.

How is big data transforming recruitment? 

Kevin Grossman: Modern neuroscience has shown us that humans aren’t very good decision makers, but with the help of sourcing algorithms that learn and get more accurate with more and more data over time — i.e., possible candidates — we’re getting better at narrowing down the list of talent we should pursue…


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