Why Scheduling Interviews Doesn’t Have to Derail Higher Education Hiring

By Josh Tolan on Spark Hire

Scheduling interviews is naturally invasive to our schedules. Add 70 to 80 applicants, plus interviewers’ schedules to align, and you have a major disruption to workflow.

Every year, the University of Wisconsin Law School (UW Law) ran into this exact issue.  With only 10 to 15 open positions, the high number of applicants was quickly derailing their hiring process.

They realized scheduling interviews and finding the time to make educated decisions was nearly impossible. So they sought a more time efficient means of screening candidates. UW Law quickly streamlined their process by switching to a collaborative and flexible video interviewing platform.

However, many higher education institutions continue battling the issues that scheduling interviews presents. Since we like to end on a positive, here’s the ugly, the bad, and the good of scheduling job interviews for higher education candidates…

The Good

Better candidate experience

Scheduling interviews isn’t just stressful on employers and recruiters. In fact, the previously mentioned Robert Half report found 33 percent of job seekers said scheduling delays were the most annoying part of the hiring process.

When you eliminate those delays, you improve your candidate experience, which has big impacts for future hiring. A 2016 Talent Board report found of candidates who rated their experience a five out of five, almost all would reapply with the company. Conversely, 41 percent of candidates who rated their experience a one said they would definitely be cutting all ties with the organization — even as a customer.

When you combine the stress of aligning schedules with the immense pressure of interviews, candidates become overwhelmed, resulting in a negative candidate experience. Having a more streamlined interview process starts relationships with potential candidates off on the right foot…


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