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Six secrets of competitive recruiting best practices

By Diann Daniel on SearchHRSoftware

The recruiting process can serve to invite great candidates in — or it can turn them away. Knowledgeable and respectful recruiters send a very different message about the value a company places on its employees than do ill-equipped recruiters or a process that makes candidates jump through hoops and strings them along. Indeed, in the war for talent, fine-tuning your recruiting best practices is critical.

Annie Rihn knows all about that war for talent. Since the vice president of recruiting joined the Zillow Group in 2005 as one of its first 10 hires, the company — a regular on best places to work lists — has grown to more than 3,000 employees, many of them software engineers, one of today’s most in-demand talent pools.

The bottom line: “Recruiting practices are very much a lens into your company culture, and we’ve tried to match our practice and processes in that regard,” Rihn said.

It’s a lens every organization can use. To that end, here’s an inside look at six of Zillow’s most important recruiting best practices…


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