Survey Revelation: How Recruiters Really Feel About Working with Hiring Managers

Think most recruiters aren’t all that satisfied about working with hiring managers? Think again.

An impressive 86% of recruiters are satisfied or very satisfied with their collaboration with hiring managers, according to Talent Board’s recent survey, conducted in partnership with Phenom.

If that comes as a surprise, it’s understandable because a long line of articles in industry and trade publications have painted a very different picture—that recruiters and hiring managers are pretty much always at odds. That’s simply not the case. However, their work together has been made more challenging by a number of significant shifts in the TA landscape: skyrocketing numbers of job requisitions, employees quitting their jobs in record numbers, the explosion in virtual recruiting, and the continued rise of contractors and gig workers, to name just a few.

Given all of these pressures and challenges, it’s actually a little surprising that recruiters are so positive about their collaboration with hiring managers. Our survey revealed some of the factors driving this positivity. They include:

  • Candidate Clarity—71% of recruiters say that hiring managers “always” or “often” provide them with a clear understanding of the ideal candidate for a job.
  • Prompt Feedback—75% of recruiters say they receive feedback from hiring managers after sending them candidate resumes in real time, within a single working day, or within three working days. And 84% receive feedback after hiring managers hold candidate interviews in real time, within a single working day, or within three working days.
  • Frequent Sourcing and Recruiting Discussions—79% of recruiters said hiring managers speak with them about their organization’s sourcing and recruiting process either “with each open requisition” or “frequently.”

However, our survey also revealed key areas where recruiter/hiring manager collaboration can be improved. These include:

  • Top 3 Challenges When Filling Reqs—When working with hiring managers to fill requisitions, recruiters’ top three challenges are:
    • 46% — Deciphering “must-have” candidate skills and qualities versus “nice-to-haves”
    • 41% — Slow responses to emails, calls, or other forms of communication
    • 39% — Ensuring a quality candidate experience
  • Top 3 Relationship Improvements—The top three ways recruiters feel their relationship with hiring managers could be improved are:
    • 50% — Faster communication
    • 45% — Setting clearer expectations
    • 39% — More frequent communication
  • 3 Most Common Roadblocks—The three most common roadblocks recruiters identified when working with hiring managers are:
    • 56% — Unrealistic expectations
    • 47% — Quality of candidates
    • 39% — Poor communication

The full survey report, which you can download here, contains many more insights about recruiter/hiring manager collaboration including how well hiring managers understand the sourcing and recruiting process, the use of technology to recruit the best talent, the feedback gathering process, and more.


Be safe and well.

Kevin Grossman, Talent Board President



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