Taking on Candidate Experience and Video: This week in Employer Branding

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By Crystal Miller on LinkedIn

Have you heard the news? Last week, Talent Board released its 2016 North American Candidate Experience Research Report. With over 400 downloads in the last 4 days, the interest in improving recruiting processes that impact the candidate journey is undeniable. And why shouldn’t it be of interest? There’s significant data which shows it’s not just a good idea, but imperative, to provide positive candidate experiences for all candidates. Since our focus is typically on the candidates we ultimately hire, it’s all too easy for companies to focus on the few without realizing the detriment it can have on your bottom line in terms of revenue. Out of the 183,000 surveyed, nearly half(41%) of candidates who had a negative experience with a company reported the decision to take their brand advocacy, purchases and relationships to another company…

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